NEW VectorVest 7 Update Released!

The July update to VectorVest 7 is now available! We’ve fixed several bugs in various areas of the program, outlined below.


Under certain circumstances, the Moving Average of Price would go to zero, flattening the MA graph lines.


Switching between Watchlists in the Watchlist viewer for Premium customers would occasionally turn off streaming.

Stock Viewer

The print preview window could be lost behind the VV7 main window and would not allow any interaction unless the print preview was brought to the foreground again.

Graphs & Stock Viewer

A new stock on the first trading day would not load data.


Entering zero in the Top selection box (where you are selecting how many stocks to view) caused errors in the search.

Options Rate of Return searches would display a Syntax Error when adding Options fields.

Stock Analysis

Errors would occur with stocks with very large volume.
Requesting a new stock on the first day of trading would fail.

Stock Viewer & UniSearch

In the United Kingdom, Sales per Share (SPS) figures would not convert pounds/pence correctly. Earnings Yield (EY), Price/Earnings (P/E), Growth to P/E Ratio (GPE) and Market Capitalization (MC) were also affected.


Cancelling a Sell recommendation on a Manual RoboTrader trading system will now remind the user to edit their stop criteria to remove the recommendation.


You will be automatically prompted to install the update in the next few days upon logging in to the VectorVest 7 program.

If you experience any issues updating, you can re-download the installation files here:

If you have any questions, we would be happy to help. Our customer support representatives are available to help you Monday – Friday from 7am ET to 11pm ET. Call us toll-free at 1-888-658-7638 or send us an email at

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