New YouTube Show “Savvy Investors at VectorVest” to Debut on VectorVest’s Channel

VectorVest, the leading provider of stock analysis and portfolio management software, is excited to announce the debut of a new YouTube show called, “Savvy Investors at VectorVest.” Hosted by one of VectorVest’s International Managing Directors, Susan HayesCulleton.  The show will focus on educating viewers about the stock market, investment strategies, and the use of VectorVest’s software to make informed decisions, leading to more profitability

“This show is different because I’m bringing my experience as an investor, expertise as a CFA charter holder, and the culture of VectorVest as I’ve been part of this great company for 11 years and counting!” says Susan.  “I’m excited to interview some of the team here at VectorVest so you can get to know us better and in ways, we’ve never talked about.” The show will feature an in-depth analysis of current market trends, as well as interviews with top investors and industry professionals. Viewers will also have the opportunity to submit their own stock picks for review and analysis by the VectorVest team.

The first episode is “How to Read an Earnings Report.” This week. VectorVest ran a live poll asking “do you know how to read an earnings report?” and 61% of people voted “No”. This show is dedicated to meeting those education gaps in a productive, educational and energetic way!

“We are thrilled to be launching ‘Savvy Investors’ on our YouTube channel,” said VectorVest CEO, Linda Royer. “We believe that education and knowledge are the keys to success in the stock market, and we want to use this show as a way to empower viewers with the information, education, and tools  they need to make smart investment decisions.”

The first episode of “Savvy Investors at VectorVest” will air on VectorVest’s YouTube channel on Wednesday 25 January at 11 a.m. ET. New episodes will be released every month, and viewers can expect to find a wealth of valuable information and insights to help them navigate the ever-changing stock market.

Be sure to subscribe to VectorVest’s YouTube channel to catch all the episodes of “Savvy Investors at VectorVest” and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to investing.

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