14 02, 2024

January Inflation Data Sent the Market Dipping as Prices are Hurting Consumers

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Tuesday was record-breaking for the major dip due to key inflation data showing consumers are hurting over price increases. After Monday’s record-breaking numbers because of tech stocks and positive earnings, it was a surprise to find the market again in bear territory. The dip came because January CPI was reported M/M at 0.3% vs. [...]

19 08, 2022

Target Feels the Effects of Inflation in Latest Earnings Report – 2 Reasons It’s Still Rated a Buy

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The second quarter wasn’t kind to many companies, especially retail stores like Target. As inflation continued to heat up, the company saw its profits drop an astounding 90%. While competitors like Walmart are suffering the effects of inflation-weary customers as well, the extent to which Target has been affected is far more significant due [...]

1 07, 2022

What Does Inflation Do To The Stock Market?

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When there are talks of high inflation, you may begin to wonder how it will impact the markets. It may be easier to comprehend how inflation affects prices at the grocery store or airline tickets–but what about your stock portfolio? For instance, you may have a good idea of how a recession can affect the [...]

1 07, 2022

The Complete Guide On Inflation Hedging: What Is A Hedge Against Inflation?

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When inflation continues to rise and ongoing market volatility brings up questions of a possible bear market, investors are looking for ways to protect their portfolios. Researching and learning how to invest in a recession is a good way for investors to approach the period ahead, though the rising inflation itself requires special attention.  Inflation [...]

1 07, 2022

How To Hedge Against Inflation

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It’s no secret that across the United States right now we are experiencing a period of rapidly rising inflation. At this point, there doesn’t seem to be promising relief in sight, so investors are strategizing how to best protect their assets as a bear market sets in and signs of a recession draw near.  When [...]

1 07, 2022

What Is The Best Hedge Against Inflation?

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With inflation on the rise, investors are looking for the best way to preserve the value of their portfolios in the coming periods. Although inflation is a natural occurrence in the economy, rapidly rising inflation causes uncertainty in the markets and can lead to large price swings and overall volatility.  Through inflation hedging strategies, investors [...]

25 05, 2018

Busting the 5 Biggest Myths Investors Have About the Stock Market

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The stock market isn’t a hard thing to read, follow and understand. It does, however, require that investors spend some time honing those skills. That learning curve trips up so, so many people.

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