One of the most legitimate concerns surrounding AI technology is now being addressed by a collaboration between IBM and Casper Labs. The technology giant and blockchain service provider are teaming up to bring AI and Web3 technologies together to mitigate IP and safety issues.

As more and more businesses take existing LLM’s (large language models) and tweak them to fit their own specific use cases, original creators are being left in the dark. But everything on the blockchain is traceable, which is where these two firms partnering together makes sense.

Blockchain’s inherent properties of being tamper-proof and transparent make it an ideal solution to bolster the security of AI platforms. The integration aims to not only enhance data security and validate data authenticity but also to streamline AI governance processes. But how is it going to work? 

Casper Labs will be utilizing IBM’s advanced AI technology, including the watsonx.governance framework, combined with a publicly distributed ledger. 

This integration will establish a policy enforcement layer for organizations deploying generative AI models. The goal is to ensure strict adherence to the original design of the model so that IP-related issues become problems of the past.

The comprehensive solution provided by Casper Labs will encompass a compliance dashboard, version control, a quality control toolkit, and an audit and reporting system. All of this is integral to enhancing transparency in AI system changes and minimizing the potential for IP crossover.

While it won’t ease fears of AI eliminating jobs or taking over civilization, this safety net is a necessary step for the future of sustainable AI usage. IBM investors are excited about the prospects of this collaboration as the initial news has already sent shares nearly 4% higher.

If you’re not already invested in IBM, it may be time to consider adding this stock to your portfolio. We’ve taken a look at this opportunity through the VectorVest stock analysis software and found 3 things you need to see…

IBM Has Fair Upside Potential and Safety With Very Good Timing

VectorVest is a proprietary stock rating system that simplifies your trading strategy. It gives you clear, actionable insights in 3 simple ratings. These are relative value (RV), relative safety (RS), and relative timing (RT).

One of the most legitimate concerns surrounding AI technology is now being addressed by a collaboration between IBM and Casper Labs.

Each sits on its own scale of 0.00-2.00 with 1.00 being the average. This makes assessing opportunities quick and easy, but it gets even easier. Based on the overall VST rating, you’re given a clear buy, sell, or hold recommendation for any given stock at any given time. Here’s what we found for IBM:

  • Fair Upside Potential: The RV rating compares a stock’s long-term price appreciation potential (forecasted 3 years out) with AAA corporate bond rates and risk. It offers much better insight than a simple comparison of price to value alone. While it’s a bit below the average, the RV rating of 0.88 is considered fair.
  • Fair Safety: IBM is a fairly safe stock, too, with an RS rating of 0.95. This risk indicator is calculated through an analysis of the company’s financial consistency & predictability, debt-to-equity ratio, business longevity, sales volume, price volatility, and other factors.
  • Very good Timing: The most compelling reason to pay attention to IBM right now is the very good RT rating of 1.36, reflecting the strong positive price trend pushing this stock higher. It’s climbed 26% in the past 3 months alone. This rating is based on the direction, dynamics, and magnitude of the stock’s price movement day over day, week over week, quarter over quarter, and year over year.

The overall VST rating of 1.11 is good for IBM, which is good. In fact, it’s enough to earn this stock a BUY recommendation in the VectorVest system. Learn more about the current opportunity through a free stock analysis today!

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VectorVest advocates buying safe, undervalued stocks, rising in price. IBM is climbing higher as hype around its partnership with Casper Labs mounts. The two companies will integrate AI and blockchain tech for a more transparent future and the mitigation of IP problems. From a stock analysis standpoint, IBM has fair upside potential and safety with very good timing.

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