VectorVest is the only system that analyzes, sorts and ranks stocks for value, safety and timing. We created a rating that we call VST – the value, safety, timing rating – which allows us to rank stocks from those that have the best combination of value, safety and timing to the worst. We have an analysis system where we measure 3 indicators–relative value, relative safety and relative timing–on a scale of 0-2, with 1 being the average.

If the rating is above 1 it is favorable and if the rating is below 1 it is unfavorable. What this allows our subscribers to do is find a stock then look at RV, RS, RT, and if the indicator is above 1, they know that is favorable.

These 3 indicators also very quickly tell you a lot about the stock. Whether it is a safe, under-valued stock that’s rising in price or whether it is a risky, overvalued stock that is falling in price. This system is what allows users to analyze stocks in seconds.

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