See what people are saying about VectorVest.

“As I told late last year, that I was planning to retire, well, finally it happened, I am officially retired since Feb/1st this year, and VectorVest was a big factor in making my decision.”

-Neal A.

“I have used VectorVest 7 to help my stock trading for almost a year, I love the system because it has really navigated me where to go and when to stop, or turn, in the middle of the huge ocean of the Stock market.”

- Tuan N.

“When I work with VectorVest, I make money. When I ignore its advice, I don’t. It’s really that simple.”

- Robert P.

“I don’t even start trading until I read what VV thinks about it. The best program ever.”

- Julia S.

“I’ve used it for almost 20 years and find it to be incredibly helpful. It’s like a friend.”

- Peter S.

“Thanks for a great introduction – I am an absolute beginner in this activity, so this has been very helpful. Member two months.”

- George J.

“As a retired exec from the investment game, I’ve seen a lot of presentations. This one of yours by Dan M. was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Excellent! Thanks…BTW, I have real money in the (Sure-Fire Success Trading System) portfolio w/ goal of hitting a 25% return in 2013. On track today w/ 24.28% to date . MU hit its 50% stop on Friday”

- Tom S.

“I’ve used VectorVest since 2008. It’s a great tool to understand the overall trend and health of the market, and to identify specific stocks and ETFs. It’s awesome.”

- Steve T.

“I’ve subscribed to many services in the past. VectorVest is now the only one I use. I highly recommend it!”

- Dave W.

“Up 24.31% as of today (since 27/01/14) and all current 10 stocks’ ROI are in the green.”


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