14 03, 2023

When Do Stock Options Expire?

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There are a few components of an options contract - the strike price, the underlying stock in question, the quantity, and of course, whether the contract is a call or put. But today, we’re going to talk about the expiration date. More specifically, when do stock options expire? Not just the date - but what [...]

14 03, 2023

How do Options Affect Stock Price?

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When you purchase options contracts, you’re making an educated guess on how you expect the underlying stock in question to perform in the future.  Maybe you’ve purchased a call option and are hoping the stock in question rises in price so that you can then purchase it at a discount. On the other hand, perhaps [...]

14 03, 2023

What are the Benefits of Trading Stock Options?

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What are the benefits of trading stock options? If you’re considering learning how to buy and sell options, you’re making a great decision. This investment style offers a host of advantages to traders. And in this complete guide, we’re going to cover them all. Leverage, low risk, diversification, flexibility, low capital requirements, and tax advantages [...]

23 02, 2023

How to Trade Stock Options for Beginners

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Want to learn how to trade stock options for beginners? Trading stock options can be a fun new challenge for seasoned investors or a way to manage your risk while starting out as a new trader. Either way, you're in the right place - in this complete guide, we'll cover everything you need to know [...]

23 02, 2023

What Does it Mean to Exercise Stock Options?

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If you are looking to start buying options contracts and incorporating this strategy into your existing investment portfolio, it’s important that you fully grasp everything that goes into exercising options contracts. So, what does it mean to exercise stock options? We’re going to explain today. This short guide will cover everything you need to know [...]

23 02, 2023

What Happens When Stock Options Expire? The Options Expiration Date Explained

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Stock options contracts are made up of a few different components: the underlying stock in question, the strike price, the number of shares, and of course, the options expiration date. Also known as the exercise date, this is the point at which you must choose to exercise your contract or let it expire. But what [...]

23 02, 2023

How to Learn Stock Options Trading: Set Yourself Up for Success With These Tips

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So you want to get started trading stock options but aren’t sure where to start. You’ve come to the right place. This article will explain how to learn stock options trading quickly so you can hit the ground running at a high rate of success.  Maybe you’ve got experience with other types of trading, like [...]

23 02, 2023

When are Stock Options Taxed?

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When are stock options taxed? In an ideal world, you’ll win most of your trades and earn high trading profits on a consistent basis. This outcome is cause for celebration! But, the excitement you feel when seeing how much you’ve made through options trading at the end of the year can quickly turn to despair. [...]

23 02, 2023

How to Pick Stock Options for Trading: The Complete Guide

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If you're wondering how to pick stock options for trading, you've come to the right place. In this guide, you'll discover the secrets to picking the best stocks for options trading on a routine basis. The process we're going to share with you is simple and straightforward - and takes very little time out of [...]

17 01, 2023

Swing Trading vs Options Trading: What are the Differences & Which is Right for You?

By |2023-12-07T21:04:50+00:00January 17th, 2023|Categories: Options, Swing Trading|Tags: , , , , |

Want to explore the differences between swing trading vs options trading? Technically, swing trading and options trading aren't mutually exclusive. You can actually swing trade options - getting the best of both worlds if you'd like! Swing trading is a trading strategy that seeks to capitalize on short-term fluctuations in an asset's price movement. Options [...]

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