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If you click on “Two-Day Investment Seminar” at the top of the Views, you will be taken to a webpage that headlines “The Secret to Making Money in 2013!”

The supporting text says, “This informative seminar is designed to teach you all about the VectorVest System from the ground up. You will learn all about the sensational SURE-FIRE TRADING SYSTEMS that virtually guarantee you will make money in the stock market year-in and year-out. They hold the secret to your success in 2013!”

Are you kidding me? How could VectorVest say the Sure-Fire Success Trading Systems virtually guarantees you’ll make money in the stock market in 2013? Well, let’s see.

VectorVest ran thousands of back-tests over the treacherous 5+ year period from November 2007 to December 2012 and obtained incredible results. They graded these trading systems using a combination of percent winning years, percent winning trades, drawdown and Gain/Loss percentage. The systems with the best grades were believed to be sufficiently reliable to make the claim that they were virtually certain to produce profits year-in and year-out. We backed-up this belief with a Sure-Fire Success Performance Guarantee.

Does this performance guarantee mean VectorVest will cover your losses if things don’t work out? No, it does not. We can’t control what you do, so we cannot be responsible for your results. But we will guarantee that a SFS Trading System of your choice will out-perform the S&P 500 Index over a 12-month period.

What happens if the S&P 500 Index out-performs the SFS Trading System you choose? You’ll get a refund equal to the cost of your 12-month subscription to VectorVest.

How do you get a Sure-Fire Success Performance Guarantee? Simply attend a Two-Day Investment Seminar and sign-up for a FREE Sure-Fire Success Performance Guarantee at the seminar.

You mean one has to go all the way to Lake Geneva to get the free guarantee? No, not exactly. This offer is available at any Two-Day Investment Seminar you attend. We have one every month except in July and December. Look for a seminar near you.

How does one know which SFS Trading System to choose? That will be explained at the seminar, but you can see how these systems are performing by viewing the Daily Color Guard Report, Monday through Thursday, and/or the “Strategy of the Week” presentation on Fridays. You may also view the four SFS Model portfolios located under the Portfolio tab. As a matter of fact, three of the four SFS model portfolios are currently out-performing the S&P 500 Index.

Here’s an idea for you: Register for the VectorVest Two-Day Investment Seminar in Lake Geneva, WI. Stay at the beautiful Timber Ridge Lodge, have a good time, and make sure you sign-up for a FREE Sure-Fire Success Performance Guarantee.

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