Every year, Apple holds a September keynote event where they release the details of the latest and greatest in their tech. For the past few years, these events have been held virtually as a result of COVID-19. But, on September 7, 2022, Apple’s keynote conference will be held in person at their Cupertino headquarters. This alone is exciting – but what’s more exciting is potential teasers or updates about the tech company’s new Reality Ecosystem.

We know that next week’s keynote event will unveil the new Apple iPhone line and an updated Apple Watch. The new iPhone 14 models will likely be priced higher than ever before – as a result of improvements in tech, but more importantly, rising costs due to inflation. We also know that Apple will roll out a new, updated version of its watch. This improved model will include all-new features to help improve sleep, and potentially even help with fertility tracking. Those who aren’t in the market for a new device still should tune into the keynote – as the update on iOS 16 will be relevant for any Apple device owner.

Now – what really has investors (and the tech world as a whole) tuned into this annual event is the possibility of an update, teaser, or any other sort of information related to the Apple Reality Ecosystem. This lineup may feature revolutionary products such as an AR/VR headset, which could transform the way users live their lives. All of this tech will be based on new software – referred to as realityOS by speculators. While the expectation is that this lineup won’t be released until at least 2023, there is buzz that it could be discussed at this year’s keynote. And, this alone could make waves and dramatically improve the valuation/upside potential of Apple stock. And, frankly, it couldn’t come at a better time – as Apple stock hasn’t performed how investors would have hoped over the last month.

Is Apple Stock Weakening? Here’s What Our Stock Forecasting System Says:

A few weeks ago, we took a look at Apple’s next big revenue driver. The company is working through the early stages of building its own DSP (demand side platform) – with the end goal of taking over the digital advertising space. The stock showed great long-term upside potential and very good timing – but, fast forward to today, a little over a month later, and some of the intuitive VectorVest ratings have dropped a bit.

While the upside potential and safety of this stock remain stagnant with an RV (Relative Value) rating of 1.10 and an RS (Relative Safety) rating of 1.13, our attention has been drawn toward the RT (Relative Timing) rating of Apple. While it was previously very good at 1.39, the system is suggesting that the momentum Apple has had in its price trajectory has slowed down. Today, that Relative Timing rating sits at 1.22. Together, these three metrics make up an overall VST of 1.16 – which is still good. But should investors be concerned about this weakening price trend?

When the VectorVest system shows a weakening RT rating, it suggests that a reversal could be on the horizon – or, at the very least, that the positive price movement Apple investors have enjoyed could be coming to a halt. The price has dropped from $164 since our last discussion to $159 – where it sits today. It’s very possible that the Price and RT will get a nice bump after Apple’s September keynote where they discuss the latest product line – and potentially tease their new Reality Ecosystem. So, is Apple currently rated a Buy, Sell or Hold? – Click here for the full report.

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