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Retirement Education Services

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Ultimate Retirement Solution

As people enter retirement, they lose the power of earning a paycheck and the reality of what they have saved will be what they live on for the rest of their life. According to the National Retirement Planning Coalition, a Boomer Expectations for Retirement 2016 Study, only 24 percent of Baby Boomers are confident that they will have enough savings to last throughout retirement. The good news is that VectorVest makes it easy for you to develop a plan to grow and protect your retirement nest egg. Learn More

Group Coaching Specials

Sometimes the biggest hurdle to getting started in investing is knowing what to invest in and when. Our group coaching packages allow you to learn from the expert coaches as well as each other, no matter what the market conditions are. With each of these specials, you’ll create a plan, follow it through and begin to grow and protect your account. Learn More

Investment & Retirement Calculator

Are you saving enough for retirement? How much income will you need? Find out now and see the impact of saving more. Learn More

Featured Team Members

Jim Penna

Jim Penna is the Manager of Retirement Services for VectorVest, Inc. Jim joined the VectorVest family in 2007. He spends much of his time conducting Investment Seminars and working with customers to help build the foundation for a safe and secure Retirement Portfolio. Jim is also an Options Instructor for VectorVest. Prior to joining VectorVest, Jim spent nearly 10 years working on trading desks and then as a market maker for a major trading firm. Prior to that he was a Police Officer in Norwalk, CT for 9 years. A graduate of Sacred Heart University in Fairfield CT, Jim lives with his wife and two boys in North Carolina.


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