16 12, 2022

When to Cut Losses on Stock: Your Guide to Letting Go & Protecting Your Portfolio

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There is nothing worse than when a trade doesn't play out how you'd planned. Whether you waited too long and missed your window for profit or the stock never gained the way you had anticipated - it can leave you feeling like a failure. But don't sweat it - it happens to the best [...]

16 12, 2022

What are the Best Stocks to Swing Trade Today?

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Looking for the best stocks to swing trade today? You've come to the right place. We're going to save you a whole lot of time, frustration, and hopefully, losses on trades. But - there's a catch. We're not just going to give you a list of stocks you can swing trade today. That's because "the [...]

16 12, 2022

What is the Best Platform for Swing Trading? Win More Trades Effortlessly With This Software

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Are you looking for the best software for swing trading? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the best platform for swing trading: VectorVest. With our tried-and-true system, you can effortlessly win more trades with less work. We know what you’re thinking…sounds too good to be [...]

13 09, 2022

Swing Trading ETFs: The Complete Guide

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If you've explored our blog, you've gained access to our in-depth articles on topics like swing trading options, short selling ETFs, and other investment strategies that are not the normal "buy a stock low and sell it high" advice you hear in this industry. And today, we're going to talk about another obscure investment [...]

13 09, 2022

What are the Best Moving Averages for Swing Traders?

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As a swing trader, you have an arsenal of technical indicators you can rely on to help you uncover opportunities and execute trades. However, among the most frequently used indicators are moving averages. From the SMA (simple moving average) to the EMA (exponential moving average), to the MACD (moving average convergence divergence) - there [...]

13 09, 2022

What is the Best Time Frame for Swing Trading?

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As you conduct analysis on stocks, there are so many different forms of analysis you can use. We've covered all the best indicators for swing trading in a separate blog post. But, did you know you can also use different time frames when analyzing stocks and looking at these indicators? Looking at the different [...]

13 09, 2022

How Long is a Swing Trade Supposed to Last?

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How long is a swing trade supposed to last before you can sell it off? This is a common question new investors ask. And frankly, seasoned investors also ponder the timing of their exit strategy, too. So - how long should you hold a swing trade before selling? The short answer is...it depends. No [...]

13 09, 2022

What is the Average Swing Trading Success Rate?

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Curious about what percentage of swing traders make money? Want to learn how much swing traders make on average? In this article, we’re going to address these two questions and evaluate the average swing trading success rate as a whole. Maybe you’ve been on the fence about trying this investment strategy out yourself. If [...]

13 09, 2022

How to Find Stocks for Swing Trading: Uncovering Swing Trading Stock Picks Effortlessly

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So you know you want to begin investing - and you've decided to go all in on the swing trading strategy. Great choice - compared to day trading, swing trading takes far less time and in some cases, delivers more impressive yields. But there's just one question you have...how to find stocks for swing [...]

1 08, 2022

What Is Swing Trading vs Day Trading?

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When it comes to the investors who prefer active trading over passive management, there are typically two main strategies they can implement: swing trading vs day trading. Both providing ways for investors to make money off of market volatility, traders may utilize elements of both swing trading and day trading strategies in their portfolios, though [...]

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