Shares of Boeing Co. (BA) are down more than 3% to start the week after news of the US Justice Department’s criminal investigation broke. 

The airliner is being probed for its role in a recent near-disaster aboard a January 5 flight in which a door plug blew out, leaving a hole in the 737 MAX 9 jet and leading to an emergency landing. The issue went viral online as videos captured via cellphone showcased the chaos from passenger POVs.

Nobody was in the seat next to the hole, thankfully, and there were no injuries as a result of the damage. That being said, Boeing is up against a PR nightmare. The company is trying to dispel fear and make the case for its aircraft being safe, but if market sentiment is any indicator, these efforts have been unsuccessful. BA stock is down more than 25% this year.

It could be getting worse, too, if the US Justice Department finds Boeing Co. at fault for the issue. So far pilots and attendants onboard the Jan. 5 flight have been interviewed, and passengers have already been notified that they could be entitled to compensation as victims. While Alaska Airlines offered passengers $1,500 already, a much bigger payday could be on the way.

To put this issue in perspective, Boeing has been hit with hefty fines before – forced to issue a $2.5 billion payout just 3 years ago after multiple 737 MAX planes went down in deadly crashes. 

While these planes were traced back to faulty flight control software and not structural inefficiencies, and thankfully there were no deaths on the Jan. 5 flight, it does go to show how costly these types of issues can be for companies like Boeing.

It will likely be a while before the US Justice Department arrives at any sort of verdict. In the meantime, should BA investors continue to weather the storm, or is this your sign to get out of the stock while you still can?

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BA Has Fair Upside Potential, But Poor Safety and Timing Holding it Back

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The overall VST rating of 0.73 is poor. It’s accompanied by a SELL recommendation in the VectorVest system. We encourage you to act fast and learn more about this situation through a free stock analysis at VectorVest if you’re currently invested in BA.

Boeing Falls 3% as Justice Department Begins Criminal Investigation: Is it Time to Sell BA?
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